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These Are A Few of My Favorite Things...

Dog Love

Although I am a HUGE dog lover - of ALL dogs, my little girls are my absolute favorite! I've had Bella for over 8 years (since she was 8 weeks old) and I adopted Gizmo in December of 2013.  They make me laugh daily and are 2 of the most spoiled little puglets ever!  Pugs make me smile big! I'm really passionate about dog adoption and dog rescue! There are so many little furbabies that need good homes.


Click on the Links Below to See How You Can Help. Donate. Share. Adopt. Save a Life.


Pug Nation LA

Care Rescue LA

Hope For Paws


Guilty Pleasures
Grand Tour on Amazon Prime

This show is AWESOME! Jeremy, James and Richard used to be on BBC's 'Top Gear' but Amazon scooped them up and now their new show is called 'Grand Tour.'  It's so fun and keeps the same hilarious banter while getting to see the world! 



This show is seriously one of the most timeless shows in my opinion.  It's been off the air for over 10 years and is still laugh out loud funny even though a lot of the elements of today's society don't exist all that much in the show. (cell phones, computers, social media, online dating, bars, etc). It makes me happy to watch and think it's one of the best comedies ever written!


 Europe Trip  2016
I went to EUROPE!!!!  I decided to start the New Year with a trip to myself, for myself.  I've been to Europe twice before so on my third time I decided to see as much as I could and Oh Did I!!!  I started in London, England, the took a train to Lille, France, took another to Brussels, Belgium then took a flight to Milan, Italy where I also got to visit, Florence and Venice.  Then took a flight back to London.  Spent a day in Dublin, Ireland and made my way back to the states.  It was mindblowing!  I learned so much, had the most incredible food and met the most fascinating people!  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!
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